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Published on 22 May 2021 at 11:40


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Mexico is a nation situated in the southern piece of North America. The nation is analysed by the Tropic of Cancer and is situated in the Northern and Western halves of the globe of the Earth. Mexico shares land borders with the United States of America toward the north and with Guatemala and Belize toward the southeast.


It is encircled by the Pacific Ocean toward the south and west; by the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea toward the east. Mexico imparts its sea boundaries to Cuba and Honduras.Mexico is one of the boss financial and political powers in Latin America.

It has a unique mechanical base, immense mineral assets, a wide-going assistance area, and the world's biggest populace of Spanish speakers—around more than multiple times that of Spain or Colombia. As its authority name recommends, the Estados Unidos Mexicanos (United Mexican States) fuses 31 socially and actually different states and the Federal District.


Cities to visit

This unfathomably assorted nation extends from the deserts and gorge of the north to the terrific pilgrim urban communities of the middle and the Maya remains, sea shores and wildernesses of the south. Given the tremendous broadness of Mexico, it's more reasonable and remunerating to focus on a couple of segments of the country when arranging your movement.

Here are the absolute best places to visit in Mexico;



#1. Mexico City

Mexico City, however a bad dream of endless suburbia, is absolutely interesting, and the capital of the country inside and out – imaginative, political, social. It is one of the world's super urban communities, with more than 25 million individuals involving a shallow mountain bowl at over 2400m above ocean level.


Fanning out past the government locale which should contain it, the city is on the double restless but then laid-back simultaneously. Around the city lie the main relics of the pre-Hispanic societies of focal Mexico:


The huge pyramids of Teotihuacán and the fundamental Toltec site at Tula. Visit Mexico City and you’ll be rewarded with museums, murals and markets galore, while beyond the bustling colonial core lies a cluster of upmarket districts and leafy neighbourhoods.



  • World class food

  • So much to do

  • Best place to learn Spanish

  • Cheap hotels

  • Football lovers



  • Air pollution

  • Bad parking situation

  • Negative public perception

  • Noisy

  • Poor law an order situation

#2. Puebla City

East of Mexico City is the exquisite city of Puebla, known for its provincial design and fine food. The republic's fifth-biggest city is a simple 40-minute excursion from Tlaxcala a few hours by transport from Mexico City, with great perspectives on snow-covered Popocatépetl and Ixtaccíhuatl in transit.


Puebla has a noteworthy grouping of sights, including an impressive church, a "covered up" community, historical centres and excellent houses, while the sloping encompassing nation is in places startlingly wonderful.



  • Fine cuisine

  • Good architecture

  • Beautiful mountains

  • Entertainment options

  • Job opportunities


  • Bad traffic

  • Poor infrastructure

  • Expensive living

  • Weak internet

  • Worse sanitary condition


#3. Tulum

To visitors, Tulum can mean a few things. To begin with, it's quite possibly the most pleasant of all the antiquated Maya locales, balanced on 15m-high precipices over the Caribbean. Tulum likewise alludes to a stretch of white sea shore, with turquoise water and candlelit cabañas.


At last, it's a roaring town (frequently called Tulum Pueblo to recognize it from the sea shore) that has advanced from side of the road waystation to genuine populace place with a flourishing the travel industry centre.




  • Delicious Restaurants

  • Easy Taxi Service

  • Amazing Nightlife

  • 20 minute drive to beautiful beach


  • Scammers

  • Not Walkable you need ride

  • Expensive

  • No international airport

#4. Oaxaca

The province of Oaxaca is quite possibly the most tempting spots to visit in Mexico. The state capital, cosmopolitan yet totally Mexican, epitomizes a lot of what the area has to bring to the table. No place else in the nation are the parties so overflowing, the business sectors so bright or the old dialects still so generally spoken.


There are native practices in the towns that long originate before the Spanish Conquest; yet the city can likewise offer refined present day eating, extraordinary convenience and wild nightlife.





  • Friendly People

  • Awesome Food

  • Culture

  • Historic Buildings

  • Climate


  • Lack of water

  • Political unrest

  • Noise pollution

  • Begging

#5. Veracruz

Not many tourists adventure over to the Gulf coast, in spite of the attractions of Veracruz and its secretive remnants. A pity, with respect to music and general bonhomie, the city's focal court is probably the best spot to visit in Mexico.


The fruitful, tropical seaside plain led to the most punctual Mexican civic establishments: Olmec culture flourished in southern Veracruz from 1200 BC, while Classic Veracruz prospered somewhere in the range of 250 and 900 AD at focuses like El Tajín. Today, Huastec and Totonac culture stays solid in the north.




  • Safe

  • Rich in History

  • Unique Ice Cream

  • Culture


  • Ugly Beach Views

  • There is nothing much to do

  • Crimes

  • Worn out old monuments

#6. Baja Californian

Graced with tempting desert scenes, lavish desert springs and rich marine life, Baja California is quite possibly the most convincing spots to visit in Mexico. Its mankind's set of experiences is no less tempting, with a tradition of distant cavern compositions, disintegrating Spanish missions and marvellous fish.


Among the most otherworldly sights in Baja is the yearly dim whale relocation from December to April. Detect the grand animals at the Laguna Ojo de Liebre, simply off Guerrero Negro, or the tidal pond close to San Ignacio.



  • Beautiful Sites to visit

  • Language Friendly

  • Variety Of Hotels

  • Food



  • Prone of Dishonest People

  • Smuggling

  • Expensive

  • Polluted dense Area



Mexico is consistently quite possibly the most visited destinations and one of the must-visit places for some, travellers, drawing in great many guests consistently for its flavourful food, its intriguing history, interesting Mayan locales, and their secret, the generosity of individuals, the normal delights, stunning sea shores, and significantly more. Nonetheless, we can't reject that in the previous few years, a few regions in Mexico have been a problem area for wrongdoing scenes, drug cartels, posse related viciousness, and other comparable realities that could put off even the most adventurous traveller from visiting.



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