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Published on 18 May 2021 at 08:13


Want to explore Tokyo, then you're a the right place!

Tokyo is a city like none other. What other place would you be able to be in a city of ten million individuals yet barely hear anything at all? It's uncommon an individual visits and abhors their time here. This travel manual for Tokyo can assist you with exploring the city on a careful spending plan to make the most out of your visit.


Places to Visit in Tokyo

Tokyo is an insane, excited, and shocking city. Here you can visit the majestic royal residence, the morning fish market, see the lovely cherry blooms, party in Tokyo's in vogue nightlife area, sing karaoke, and eat loads of astounding food.


#1. Hachiko Statue

The Hachiko Statue is a day to day existence measured sculpture of a canine from 1925. At the point when the canine's proprietor kicked the bucket, Hachiko actually went to the train station to hang tight for him to get back from work.


What's more, he did as such for more than 10 years. The canine is a public saint in Japan and his story is notable as it features qualities of steadfastness and dedication (which the Japanese worth exceptionally). The sculpture remains before the Shibuya Station.



#2. Roppongi Hills

There are different structures to see, all of which have been planned by driving designers, just as different public craftsmanship shows. A visit here is free — you should simply get a ride up the slope. You'll discover Mori Tower here, probably the tallest structure around there, just as the Tokyo City View, which offers probably the best view around there. Admission to the perspective is 1,800 JPY.



#3. Sento Checkout

A Sento is a conventional Japanese public bathhouse. While they were initially worked to oblige those that didn't have such offices in-house, they are presently an extraordinary spot to go for some harmony and unwinding. They are normally isolated by sex. The Japanese are not timid in these spots so you should be alright with bareness! A financial plan well disposed Sento costs just shy of 1,000 JPY. On the off chance that you have tattoos you may not be permitted to enter (or you may need to cover them) so remember that.




#4. Suijo Bus

For quite a long time, Tokyo has been concentrated around its waterways. One of the conventional approaches to get around has consistently been by means of water-transport. This is a pleasant option in contrast to the tram and offers an alternate point of view of the clamoring city. There are in any event, drifting eateries, referred to as yakata-bune just as lunch and supper travels that you can book. Hope to pay at any rate 6,000 JPY for a journey with a supper, while the customary ship costs just 600 JPY.




#5. Disney Sea

It may appear to be a loss to go through a day of your Tokyo trip at Disney, yet DisneySea is not normal for any of the other Disney parks on the planet (and is conceivably the awesome). The nautical amusement park highlights seven ports propelled by genuine spots and sea legends including American Waterfront, Mediterranean Harbor (which looks actually like Italy), Arabian Coast, and the extraordinary Mysterious Island complete with ejecting fountain of liquid magma. Attractions are more grown-up orientated than at adjoining park Tokyo Disneyland and you can even see a Broadway show and have a mixed drink in a 1920s relax on board a luxury ship. It's a particularly fun outing! Find out about our number one DisneySea rides including a suggested schedule for grown-ups and tips for keeping away from the groups. Tokyo Disneyland is the more exemplary Disney park with the fantasy palace and much-adored rides like Space and Splash Mountains.


On the off chance that you have the opportunity, go through a day at each. On the off chance that you are an amusement park fan, we likewise suggest Universal Studios Japan in Osaka which is home to excite looking for rides and the mystical Harry Potter World—one of the top Japan vacation destinations.




#6. Sensoji Temple

Sensoji is a Buddhist sanctuary in Asakusa, one of Tokyo's most conventional neighborhoods where you can in any case discover old wooden shops among the solid. The lively red sanctuary becomes busy yet you can escape by straying through the nurseries to one of the calmer sanctums. In the fundamental region make a point to get your fortune told and cover yourself in incense for best of luck. Close by head up to the eighth floor of the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center inverse Asakusa Station with the expectation of complimentary perspectives on the Tokyo Skytree (the world's tallest pinnacle) and the Nakamise shopping road prompting Sensoji.



#7. Sky Circus

Sky Circus is a perception deck in Ikebukuro that highlights perspectives on the city just as cool intelligent components and augmented reality rides. You can visit whenever of day yet we coordinated it for dusk so we could see the perspectives by day and night. We went through about 90 minutes there taking photographs, investigating territories like the mosaic mirror and kaleidoscope corridor, and appreciating the VR rides. The shooting VR game wasn't astounding in spite of the fact that it has some cool impacts. Better was the Tokyo Bullet Flight where you get into a chamber and fly over the city. The Swing Coaster is likewise main stream.



Money Saving Tips in Tokyo”

  • Avoid Taxis

  • Shop at 100 Yen stores

  • Couchsurf

  • Work for your room

  • Buy Food At night

  • Make Your stay in Capsule Hotel

  • Eat at 7 eleven


Pros of Tokyo

  • Silence calm environemt

  • Cleanliness

  • Public Transport

  • Historical Places to visit

  • Vegan Food



Cons of Tokyo 

  • Expensive Living

  • Crowded Places

  • Language barriers

  • Lack of international food





Tokyo is capital of Japan. It is one of the big cities of Japan. Although it has Pros as well as Cons but if you like big, modern cities, then Tokyo is probably one of the best cities to visit on the planet.





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