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Published on 12 May 2021 at 14:01


Summer are just few weeks away ahead. So i'm sure that most of us are planning for a holiday already. so in this blog, I'm gonna be talking about countries that has reopened already includes countries that are reopening in the comings weeks for summer season.

1. Portugal

Portugal looks to open international tourism this summer. the Portugal's secretary of state for tourism Mrs. Rita Marques told that the country would definitely try at any costs to avoid the quarantine and other relevant covid-19 requirements includes testing for international tourist this summer. They have been very transparent with their decision even last year 2020 and that's what makes Portugal special about this pandemic situation. they're courageous enough to risk whatever it takes just to save the country's economy. Few days ago, they annouced that they hope to welcome's back British Tourist at the 2nd week of May which is around May 14th-16th 2021. That's what we expect the most that they'd very much willing to accept brits residents as they're the ones who gives the most when it comes to Portugal's economy when it comes to tourism. Though, base on our research,  Brits are allowed to travel internationally at the 3rd week of May which is not bad as it's pretty close to what's Portugal's target.


2. Greece

The Greek tourism minister Mr. Harry Theoharis says the handwritten NHS card would be sufficient enough to proof inoculation. that being said, anyone traveling from the UK with a negative covid test carried out at least 72hrs before entering the respective country doesn't need to quarantine upon arrival which is pretty good for Brits citizen. Greece has been allowing entry to residents of the United States, EU & Schengen States and other certain countries. please bear in mind that all allowed residents entry into Greece for tourism must bring  a NEGATIVE PCR TEST starting the age of 5 and above before allowing entry into the country.


3. Italy

The Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi recently announced that they're ready to welcome's back tourist into the country starting mid-May. however, not all countries are welcome yet due to the covid-19 situation in certain countries of origin. Italy's travel pass will be available to people who have been vaccinated against covid-19 as well as people who have recently recovered from the virus. you must be negative with the covid-19 test of course before entering the country.


4. Croatia

The country has been open to tourist from all countries around the globe. you just have to bring very few requirements in order to get access to the country. Residents from the U.S will of course be allowed entry and avoid the quarantine which is;

 You have the certificate of fully vaccinated. so that beaing said. that it needs to be at least 2 weeks since your last recommended dose.

► Make sure to bring the negative PCR test result taken no more than 48hrs prior to your arrival. Though, they will still accept you entry into Croatia even if your PCR Test result is over 48hrs already, but you're obligated to get tested upon arrival and quarantine for at least a day or so until you get your covid-19 test result.

If you're planning to stay longer than your plan for some specific reason, then bear in mind that you're obligated to get tested  again on the 10th day from the day of your arrival.

 You're required to show proof that you've been recovered from the deadly virus in the last 180 days ago. this means that you'll have to bring the copy of your pcr test which was performed in the last 6 months. 


Important reminders; All tourist entering into the country must bring necessary documents includes hotel booking together with your exit ticket.


5. France 

France has been allowing tourist from certain countries like Europe. tho not all are welcome for now. However, France recently announced that it would be reopening to U.S tourist starting on June 9th, 2021 together with other safe countries. below are the basic requirements you must need to meet before traveling to the country.


Make sure you bring a negative PCR Covid-19 test result which is taken the last 72hrs.

You must be vaccinated, you're obligated to bring that certification/health pass.

Please bear in mind that countries like India & Brazil where the cases are still exaggerated will still be able to enter but residents of these countries and probably more depends on the situation are obligated to quarantine for at least 10 days upon arrival.


6. Switzerland

Switzerland welcomes back tourist from it's neighbooring countries like Schengen & EU includes the small European countries like Andorra, The Vatican City. Holy see, Monaco & The Republic of San Marino as well as other approved third countries without restrictions. as for the people who come from a high risk countries that wish to enter Switzerland  will still be allowed entry BUT that will depends on your situation. meaning that if you have family member living in switzerland includes binational couple. work/business and other essential reason will be allowed entry to the country but of course you'll face some slight restrictions like a couple of days of quarantine.


7. Denmark

Denmark has been very strict about the travel restriction both it's citizen itself and the international tourist. However, Denmark has decided to relax it's Covid-19 travel restrictions to it's neighboring countries like Schengen States & the European Union Member States starting from May 1. However, Restricted countries from outside the EU are still in placed.   


8. Iceland

The country welcome's back tourist from all countries as long as you are vaccinated against Covid-19 without a mandatory testing or quarantine upon your arrival. Iceland's economy has been hit hard due to this pandemic. therefore wants to make the most out of it this summer by welcoming back tourist from all countries in order to revive it's coronavirus-hit economy.


9. Albania

Albania has been officially reopened for tourism and welcoming tourist people from all nation since July 1. 2020. since then, they never close the boarder again despite for the high cases that they encounter a couple of months ago. There's no entry requirements except bring your passport, onward ticket & accommodation then you're good entering into the country.

Albaia is part of the balkan country but still, it belongs to the European community. I would suggest you go visit there too. you might be surprise.


10. Montenegro

Montenegro has been so flexible with their decision in maintaining the it's country's economy. They have been welcomg people from all nations. Though there are still few restrictions remain in place domestically such as of course wearing mask in specially inside public transport. please do note that all tourist coming to Montenegro withot a covid -19 test result will have to quarantine for 14 days. There are exceptions in place for these specific countries below;

Citizens of Montenegro itself, Albanians, Bosnia & Herzegovia, Croatia, Kosovo & Serbia are exempt for condition. the rest are obligated to bring the covid-19 test result taken no longer than 72hrs. Everything is open EXCEPT Bars & Clubs.


11. Sweden

Sweden government has decided to prolong it's travel restriction to all countries wth the excemption of essential travels and of course their neighboring countries like EEA nations, Schengen States & the European Union Member States.


12. Netherlands

Anyone flying to the Netherlands from the Green-listed countries can bypass the test. Flights coming from South Africa, Central America & South American countries are still restricted. Netherland has been allowing visitors from most countries but is required to bring a negative PCR Covid-19 test result. the country has been welcoming visitors to most countries.


Below are the safe & unsafe countries. please note. that countries belong to the red color are banned from entering to the Netherlands until May 15th.2021 and will may be prolong if covid-19 situation in these respective countries doesn't change.

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Rwanda
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • China include Mailand China, Hong Kong & Macau

  • Iceland
  • Portugal
  • St. Maarten
  • Saba
  • St. Eustatius

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • French Guiana
  • Guyana
  • India
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • South Africa
  • Suriname
  • Uruguay Venezuela


Please bear in mind that even Dutch Nationals coming from a high risk countries returning home any high-risk countries must bring a negative test & quarantine immidiately after arrival. Same applies to travelers coming from a High-Risl countries will have to quarantine for 10 days. As for the americans, they're only allowed entry for ESSENTIAL REASONS for now.



13. Serbia

Serbia was one of the most courageous country in the European Community that reopens tourism to all nations starting the 3rd week of May 2020. the following months, there were a riots where netizen gots really angry at the new restrictions. fortunately, their president listend to it's people and has loosen the restriction right away. Serbia is open to tourist to all nations.


14. Kosovo

Kosovo is part of the Balkan countries in the European Community. they have been very flexible as well with their decision on maitaining the travel restrictions or not. to make it short, Kosovo are open to tourist now all nations. though, there's a slight restrictions for citizen coming from a high-risk countries such as bringing negative PCR Covid-19 test result.


15. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Generally, Bosnia & Herzegovina are opean for tourists to all nation with a very few restrictions in place domestically. so far, there is no quarantine upon entering in B&H.


16. North Macedonia

North Macedonia also belongs to the balkan countries and is part as well of the European Communities. base on the info. that we've reeived, North Macedonia has always been open to all nationalities for travel through land and air. However, there are few restrictions left for the high-risk countries like India, Brazil, all countries in Africa. all of these countries will have to quarantine for at least 14 days upon arrival.


17. Ukraine

Ukraine has been changing their rules in the past few months. fortunately, they have come to a really straight forward decision to really keep the country open in order to revide the hard hit economy. there are still few restrictions in place in which you have to bring a Negative Covid-19 taken no more than 72hrs before entering the country. All travelers MUST bring health insurance policy that covers Covid-19. please do note. that as for your health insurance. it needs to be purchase through the Ukrainian Health Insurance company or it's partners outside the ukraine. so make sure to check furthermore before purchasing your health travel insurance to avoid wasting your money.


18. Cyprus

Cyprus has been so successful countries in Europe at controlling the spread of the deadly disease. Cyprus has been accepting tourism from certain countries since the 1st of March. Unfortunately, not all countris are welcome for now but don't worry that will definitely change soon.approved countries will have to apply for a Cyprus Flight Pass.

EU & Schengen Member countries



New Zealand




Hong Kong

South Korea

Saudi Arabia

United Kingdom



United States

United Arab Emirates











Note; All arrivals to Cyprus will have to show proof od PCR test (negative) no longer than 72hrs. Arricals from red countries will also be tested on arrival. Furthermore. countries not mentioned above will be required to quarantine for a maximum of 14 days upon arrival. Fully vaccinated arricals are exempt.


19. Belarus

Belarus has been open since last year, July 15th 2020 to be specific and they are still accepting tourist from various countries. there are still restrictions in place in Belarus up until now. All arrival to Belarus will have to show proof of negative Covid-19 test taken no more than 72hrs before arrival. there are over 100 countries still required to go to quarantine upon arrival between 10-14 days.


20. Russia

Russi opens to visitors from 23 countries. please note, that this can change anytime without prior notice. find below approved countries entry into Russia.



South Korea






Sri Lanka














United Arab Emirates


All approved countries entry into Russia must bring an English/Russian language of a negative PCR test result taken no more than 72hrs in order to be allowed entry. Russian or Foreign citizen don't have a proper test result. you're required to submit one within 3 days and if it turn's out positive. then you're obligated to quarantine for 14 days. please note, that even if your country aren't on the approved countries mentioned above, you may be still able to come but depends on your reason. you must meet their criteria in order to be allowed entry to the country. that being said. it needs to be all essential reason. otherwise, you'll be turn away!


Please Stay Tuned for more updates as there will be additional countries that will post updates on the reopening of their country for 2021 tourism



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