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Published on 13 May 2021 at 17:05


Smallest Continent of the world!

Oceania is in a mainland bunch comprising of 14 nations and include Pacific islands and Australia. Commonly Australia is named as landmass, yet this implies that the numerous islands and nations aside from Australia would then be excluded.


Oceania truth be told is generally sea and ranges an immense territory as you can see abose in picture. Oceania is the smallest continent of our planet considering the landmass.



Countries Included In Oceania

Oceania includes 14 small countries in it. Australia which is most important for Oceania is frequently alluded to as the name of the landmass, yet we use Oceania/Australia to incorporate likewise the islands encompassing Australia as they in any case would not be remembered for the conventional 14-Continent model.



Following are the countries which are included in Oceania

  • Australia
  • Micronesia

  • Fiji

  • Kiribati

  • Marshall Islands

  • Nauru

  • New Zealan

  • Palau

  • Papua New Guinea

  • Samoa

  • Solomon Islands

  • Tonga

  • Tuvalu

  • Vanuatu

Australia and New Zealand are the two main countries of Oceania. Australia is the greatest and driving economy on the landmass. New Zealand is the solitary other huge economy on the landmass. Oceania spreads over an immense territory from 28 degrees North in the northern side of the equator to 55 degrees South in the southern half of the globe.


The environment of the region is different. The most noteworthy temperatures in Oceania are reached in the Australian outback with limits of 50 °C (123 °F) and the least temperatures are estimated in New Zealand with −25 °C (−14 °F).






Australia is comprised of eight states and regions; Australian Capital Territory (ACT), New South Wales (NSW), Northern Territory (NT), Queensland (QLD), South Australia (SA), Tasmania (TAS), Victoria (VIC) and Western Australia (WA).


It's coastline covers just about 60,000 kilometers and is encircled by the Arafura and Timor Seas toward the north, the Coral and Tasman Seas of the South Pacific toward the east, the Southern Ocean toward the south, and the Indian Ocean toward the west.


Investigating Australia implies you will probably experience a wide assortment of scenes. From its flawless sea shores, thickly populated urban communities, lavish rainforest, rough mountains and dark red outback; there aren't numerous nations that offer a luxuriously diverse scene.

The Capital of Australia is Canberra. It’s local language is English. The currency used in Austrailia is Australian Dollar which is made up of 100 cents. Australia has a basically heat and humidity in the upper east and bone-dry environment in the desert focal point of the country, which is alluded to as 'outback'. The south eastern Australian coastline has a gentle mediterranean environment. The population of Australia is 25.36 million (2019).

Here are the most visited places in Australia where tourist people go every year.


#1. Sydney

Present day and modern, Sydney is probably the best city for tourists to visit on a visit to Australia. With phenomenal sea shores and the Blue Mountains on the doorstep, you will adore Sydney in the event that you appreciate nature. A dynamic culinary scene implies you will not be shy of incredible spots to eat and drink all things considered.


Oceania's greatest and most crowded city is Sydney. In excess of 5 million individuals live in Australia's greatest city. Sydney has the most different and multicultural populace in Oceania. More than 250 dialects are spoken here.


  • Things to do in Sydney:

  • The Sydney Opera House is the city's most popular milestone, where you can watch many live exhibitions and feast in a top eatery, Bennelong.

  • Close by, the Harbor Bridge is the ideal spot for taking photographs. Climb the 134-meter high Harbor Bridge for all encompassing perspectives.

  • The Rocks is Sydney's legacy locale, where 100-year-old structures remain close by current displays and bistros.

  • Bondi, with its sea shore, surfing and laid-back energy is an absolute necessity visit.

  • Take to the water in a kayak for an alternate perspective on the harbor.

  • Sydney's food and drink are among the awesome the world, so feast out at a commended eatery like Quay.

  • Regardless of whether it's high style, independent architect brands or retail chains, shop until you drop at Sydney's biggest shopping centers.



  • Great Weather

  • Beautiful City

  • An International Airport

  • Friendly Environment

  • Education Opportunities

  • Beautiful Houses

  • Language friendly



  • Expensive Residence

  • Too much Traffic

  • Expensive Transport

  • Too much population

  • Remote Location



Besides of disadvantages, Sydney is incredible city, a metropolitan marvel brimming with excitement and regular appeal. It sits on the south-east shoreline of Australia along the Tasman Sea like a valuable gem in the wild, and it has all that it takes to be the best city on the planet.


Stunning common magnificence, the planet's most delightful harbor, dynamic expressions and culture scene, imaginative style scene, uncommon gastronomic standing and an open air way of life generally enchanting than elsewhere. Basically, other than being magnificently laid-back thus damn attractive.


Sydney is additionally a city of exemplifications where everything goes as it ought to be. Tourist must visit Sydney for it’s magnificent glory and beauty.



#2. Melbourne

With its vintage shops, spray painting covered backstreets and espresso culture, Melbourne has acquired a standing as Australia's capital of cool. The city has a lot to see and do whether you appreciate craftsmanship or sports. Situated on Victoria's broadly excellent coast, there is a lot of nature and untamed life in Melbourne too.


Melbourne is renowned for its 4 seasons during the year; summer, autumn, winter and spring. Well get ready, because you will be experiencing all seasons throughout one day!


Our famous weather needs to be experienced to be believed. So, whether you enjoy the hot, cold or in between, there will always be activities available for you and your family to do to get the best out of Melbourne. During the summer, you won’t be doing much of anything besides going to Melbourne’s scenic and well-known beaches.


Around the South-East of Melbourne you will find beaches in every suburb! Make sure to bring a jumper, you never know with Melbourne but it might go cold for at one point in the day! Due to our weather you might think we have no snow. That incorrect, just 2-4 hours away from Melbourne CBD, there are various areas for you to snowboard, ski and enjoy the snow! Take your pick to Mt. Buller, Mt Baw Baw, there’s so many to choose.




Things to do in Melbourne

• The National Gallery of Victoria is Australia's most seasoned workmanship exhibition, with a huge assortment of public and worldwide craftsmanship.

• The Queen Victoria Market is a foodie's heaven selling scrumptious road food and neighborhood produce.

• The neighborhood of St Kilda, with its noteworthy funfair and sea shore, is an ideal spot to spend a chilled evening.

• Phillip Island has a well known province of Little penguins to see.

• Melbourne is acclaimed for road workmanship, so join a visit through the beautiful backstreets.

• Dive into the food and drink scene by visiting the specialty breweries and bistros.

• For a definitive excursion experience, drive the notable Great Ocean Road.



  • Sports hub

  • Design of city

  • Weather

  • Beaches

  • Friendly Languages



  • Expensive

  • Low food quality

  • Travelling problem

  • Hard to make friends

  • Remote location


Melbourne is on track to surpass Sydney as Australia's biggest city by 2026, and for those of you thinking 2026 is quite a while away it's in reality just 2,470 days until January first 2026.


A greater amount of Melbourne's rural areas are getting improved with extraordinary cafés, make bottling works, youthful families and youthful experts moving in thus in the event that you are considering taking the action to Melbourne there could be no more excellent time.


For those of you that are intending to take the action to this extraordinary city. So, it is one of the best place to visit in Australia.





New Zealand is known for its striking open country. From volcanoes to high ski slants, from rainforests to stunning sea shores and a large group of wineries, farmland, icy masses and fjords in the middle, it's not entirely obvious one more of the country's primary attractions: its urban areas.


Do you know what number of urban communities there are in New Zealand? More than 40! What's more, city life here has been casted a ballot among the best on the planet.


So on the off chance that you've at any point pondered which city to remain in while in New Zealand, which is the city with the best climate in New Zealand, or what is the most famous city in New Zealand, at that point the present article is for you as we share our number one urban communities on the North and South Islands.


New Zealand (NZ) is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean situated around 2,000 km (1,300 mi) southeast of Australia. The island-country comprises of some more modest islands and two principle islands, the North Island and the South Island, which are isolated by the Cook Strait. New Zealand imparts sea boundaries to Australia, the island countries of Fiji and Tonga.

New Zealand's islands are the surface space of the landmass of Zealandia. Zealandia, presently generally lowered, was in the past a huge bit of the super-mainland of Gondwanaland.


The international substance of the Realm of New Zealand includes New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Niue (an island), Tokelau (some coral atolls), and the Ross Dependency, a district in Antarctica. With a space of 270,467 km², the nation is marginally bigger than the United Kingdom (242,900 km²), or about the size of the US State of Colorado.


New Zealand has a populace of 5.1 million individuals (starting 2021). The capital is Wellington, the country's biggest city is Auckland. Languages are English (95%) and Māori, the language of the native Māori individuals of New Zealand. It’ currency is New Zealand Dollar.




#1. Auckland

Auckland isn't only probably the best city in New Zealand, we believe it's perhaps the best city on the planet! It's New Zealand's biggest city and likely could be the one you consider first to be it is the essential air travel center for the country. There are high rises and 'Enormous City Life', two harbors loaded with yachts and boats, volcanoes offering extraordinary displays, craftsmanship exhibitions, beautiful sea shores, surfing, parks, ranchers markets, shops… the rundown goes on. It's an amazingly dynamic, stylish and multicultural spot and a visit there is a gala for the faculties, in any event, for those not typically fascinated by city life.


The edges offer underground aquifers, rainforests, wineries and bunches of rich farmland just as a grand arrangement of islands simply off the harbor (one of which arose just 600 years prior). We think Auckland is difficult to beat, and it's little miracle it has been casted a ballot perhaps the best spot to live and visit on the planet.


New Zealand's rates of violence are very low compared to elsewhere in the world. However, it's always a good idea to go in the know. While Auckland on the North Island carries the most crime, it's still far more infrequent than other major cities worldwide. Nevertheless despite of some crimes, Auckland is safe enough to make a historic travel.


Things to do in Auckland


  • Queen Street – central avenue of the city, from Karangahape Road down to the harbor

  • Karangahape Road – otherwise called "K' Road", popular for its bars, clubs and shops

  • Aotea Square – visit the square for creates markets, rallies and expressions celebration

  • Visit Auckland's Sky Tower for amazing perspectives over the 'City of Sails'. Attempt the Sky Walk or the Sky Jump in case you're feeling daring. Uncommon ticket cost of $26 per individual accessible through our front work area.

  • Stroll across the notable Auckland Harbor Bridge for dazzling perspectives on midtown, the Sky Tower, and Auckland Harbor

  • Get the best perspectives on the city from 16500ft at the North Island's most elevated drop zone with Skydive Auckland.

  • Go for a stroll up Mt Eden or One Tree Hill for sees over the city

  • Go seaward and visit the islands: Rangitoto, Waiheke, Great Barrier, Tiritiri Matangi, Rotoroa, Kawau and Motutapu.

  • Something is consistently in blossom at the Auckland Botanical Gardens, a short drive from the CBD.

  • Visit the Stardome Observatory and Planetarium and find star bunches, gas cloud nebulae and star designs that must be seen from this scope.

  • Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World is a famous spot to see New Zealand's shifted marine life very close. Save $14 by booking at our front work area.


  • Cleanliness

  • Safety

  • Less crowded places

  • Advancement

  • Outdoors

  • Slow pace of life


  • Expensive

  • Travelling Problem

  • Language Barriers

  • Less Competition


Auckland is a city with a great deal of character. As New Zealand's biggest and most assorted city, it is unquestionably a spot to visit in case you're hoping to encounter a variety of various attractions.





#2. Wellington

New Zealand’s capital is a cozy one but it also lives up to the nickname of “Windy Welly” as it really is one of the windiest cities in the world thanks to its exposed geographical location.


Windy Welly' positively satisfies its epithet as perhaps the windiest city in the country (the world even), yet that never really discourage us or the great many guests who get back to this city over and over, and rate it their top choice in the country.


It unquestionably has a ton making it work – it is regularly viewed as New Zealand's social capital (just as its genuine capital!) because of its lively expressions scene. We love the theaters and galleries (counting the country's generally amazing – Te Papa), and it is additionally an extraordinary spot for food and drink with a lot of specialty distilleries.


some a-list eateries and a yearly food celebration that will have your welly-paunch busting! It's likewise a lovely city, worked around a harbor and encompassed by mountains that bring a comfortable, private feel to the spot. We totally love it!




Things to do in Wellington


Geeks Unite

At the Weta Workshop, liable for the models, sets, and creation of the Lord of the Rings film set of three. Try to book your tickets for visits online ahead of time.


Perspectives on the City at Brooklyn Wind Turbine

The Brooklyn Wind Turbine is the best spot for you to take in an amazing perspective on Wellington, the harbor, and Cook Strait. Go at dusk for a genuine treat.



Nature in the Urban at Wellington Botanic Garden 

While the grown-ups are unwinding, walking around the wonderful nurseries, children can associate at Space Place, a cosmology and space gallery in the recreation center highlighting planetarium shows and intelligent science displays.


The Mountains

You don't have to scale Mount Victoria and Mount Kaukau by walking on the grounds that there are transports that will take you up there. Try not to miss these tremendous post focuses.



A Kiwi Wildlife Safari

Head to Zealandia at the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can watch jeopardized birds and creatures in a characteristic asylum.



  • Iconic sceneries

  • Friendly locals

  • Amazing Outdoors

  • Awesome Food

  • Growing Economy


  • Earthuake

  • Expensive Living


New Zealand is frequently somewhat behind the remainder of the world with things that are moving, however the Craft brew game is solid. What's more, Wellington is the most grounded of all as the specialty lager capital of NZ.Best case scenario, on the off chance that you leave Wellington having just had an excellent lager, the Wellington is certainly been worth visiting.



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