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A small act can make a big difference to unfortunate children, Homeless & Elderly people.


We're doing this fundraising for our upcoming charity event called #MakeTheUnfortunateSmile specifically about feeding program to kids & homeless people which happens twice a year.




Relevant Causes

Helping Childen , Homeless & Sick people.

1. Feeding Program for kids & elderly people.

2. Giving Homeless people clothes & Foods & Build a small house for them so they won't suffer to stay outside anymore.

3. Helping sick people get their maintainance/Medicines .

4. Help single parents/Disabled Parents who can't afford to send their kids to school. We provide school supplies.


  Charity Events


These events happens on every 18th of May & the second one is  on the 20th of December every year.



Letter to Sponors

Dear visitors,

Our Semi Annual & Annual Charity called #MakeTheUnfortunateSmile  will be taken place on every 18th of May & 20th of December at a small town of Cebu, Philippines.


Our team are asking for a donation at any amount in order to reach our goal in providing unfortunate kids & adult a basic needs.


We can't afford to meet our goal without the help of people like you. That is why we are including this charity event in one of our site's pages to reach out to each one of you.


Would you consider making donation (Any amount) to help sponsor our event? By giving to #MakeTheUnfortunateSmile, you'll be able to help us accomplish our goal in helping these unfortunate people.


Furtheremore, If we ever achieve a higher amount than we expect, rest assured that the rest will be use to other causes such as saving lives of others like people needing medicine for the maintaince of their unfortunate sickness that they're dealing with.


In appreciation of your anticipated donation, we would like to offer you a video message from us and the children back home in PH as a THANK  YOU for the action that you do for them.


We hope that we can count on your help to make this year's event one of our best yet!


Please indicate your donation amount (any) with your screen name/real name at the comment section down below after succesfully donated to the bank details attached below.


Thank you in advance for your sponsorship! rest assured that you'll see the photos & videos a day after of our event.




The Runway Travel Team

Name: Mary Jane Tecson

Bank Account No: 007680258225

Bank Name: BDO Unibank Inc,.

Bank Address: G/F SM City Consolacion Cebu, Cebu North Road, Brgy, Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines

Swift Code: BNORPHMM


1. Why doing these charities?

We've been in the same situation back 10th-15th years ago and we understand the feelings of having zero in the table. We're doing at utmost possible to not make it happen too often to our young generations cause this hurts so bad!


2. Why Homeless People?

I, myself had the life of almost a homeless people where I slept in the market for 8 years. Yes we're selling vegetables. but having a broken family with almost nowhere to go, half of my siblings decided to live in the market for a couple of years.


3. Why elderly people?

I remember back then when my parents & grandparents were still alive, they've always wanted to eat something tasty. but due to our poverty, we couldn't afford to get the foods we've always wanted to eat.


4. Why May 18th?

Cause that's when my mom passed away, and that's my promised to her that i'll keep her legacy she left to us showing generousity to unfortunate people. Despite that she's no longer here. I know she'd be proud watching upon us doing this cause for others specially to the unfortunate ones.


5. Why December 20th?

That's 4-5 days before our Almight God, Jesus Christ was born and that's the exact month to giving and sharing blessings. I want to make the unfortunate people feel loved, cared & important and that they're never forgotten.


 We are inviting 60-100 unfortunate people both Kids, Homeless Adult & Elderly People to come in our place to reunite with us.


1. Prayer of course as a Thanksgiving.

2. We're providing them snacks.

3. Educating them relevant things.

4. We're going to make plenty of games to make them happy and make the most out of that day.

5. Big Meal with us.

6. Another relevant discussion with them.

7. Snacks again.

8. We make another games again.

9. Give them their gifts so that they have something to bring back home  such as rice, groceries and personal needs. includes clothes, flipflops & school supplies for kids.

10. Another Prayer & a Goodbye selfies & Videos with these beautiful people.

Photos of Our Charities


Videos of Our Charities

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